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It is no secret: going solar "with the right system" is one of the most cost-effective things you can do for your home or building. Before now, your options were limited to expensive technologies that take 10 to 20 years to pay for your investment. Today, it is a new world with the proven, time-tested, Active Roof System.

What is Active Roof?®

Active Roof Technology® offers the latest, most economical solar Heat Collection System and Passive Cooling System available today. What does that mean? Where ordinary roofs just waste the sun's energy, an Active Roof System™ actually harvests the sun's thermal energy and puts it to good use in a controlled manner.

Unlike solar "panels" that are added to an existing roof, an Active Roof System™ is an invisible system that looks like a normal metal roof, yet is a Solar Heat Energy Collection System. It puts the surface of your roof to work to save you money, year after year.

Active Roof Systems has the unique ability to transfer free solar heat into the interior spaces of a building by the use of a thermostatically controlled Air Management System, while keeping heat out in the summer time and, it does this automatically.

It truly is the most modern, efficient, economical and earth-friendly roofing system available.

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