How the Active Roof® Works

The roof that pays for itself.

The Power of Solar Energy

Active Roof Technology® offers the latest, most economical solar heat collection system and Passive Cooling System available today. What does that mean? Where ordinary roofs just waste the sun's energy, an Active Roof System™ actually harvests the sun's thermal energy and puts it to good use in a controlled manner.

The patented and patent-pending Active Roof System™ puts the surface of a roof to work to maximize the collection of solar heat. Exclusively designed Solanar™ finishes conduct this heat into the Active Roof Systems™ Air Management Chamber™ where an Electronic Energy Management Control System circulates the heated air to where it is most needed, inside the building. In cold winter months, this free heat is used to heat the building. In the summer, the Active Roof System™ insulates and reflects the sun's heat away from the structure and reduces the energy demand on your cooling system - which saves you money.

The Simplicity of the System

  • Harvesting Heat: The patented and patent-pending Active Roof System™ is truly the most innovative solar harvesting roof system available today. In addition to doing everything one would expect from a superior metal roof, Active Roof Technologies® makes constructive use of the sun's energy by converting it to useful free heat to supplement a home or building's heating system. And unlike solar collection panels added to an existing roof, the Active Roof System™ is the collection system. Its cutting-edge technology incorporates an Energy Management System to maximize the distribution of heated air ... using free solar heat into the living space when it is needed and keeping it out when it is not-automatically.
  • Regulating Controls: The System is automatic and includes its own thermostat, which provides control whenever it is needed. A soon as the thermostat is set, the Active Roof System® "comes on" as soon as it detects sufficient heat from the sun.

It is my pleasure to report only good news since the installation of your Active Roof System® at Camp Richardson Resort on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe ... We reduced our energy costs, year-round (propane and electricity) ...

Bob Hassett, President
Camp Richardson

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