Active Roof® Frequently Asked Questions

The roof that pays for itself.

What is an Active Roof®?

Active Roof Technologies® (patented and patent pending) systems are the latest, most economical Solar Heat and Passive Solar Cooly System available today. Where ordinary roofs just waste the sun's energy, an Active Roof System actually harvests the sun's thermal energy and puts it to good use. Unlike solar energy collection "panels" that are added to an existing roof, an Active Roof® is the actual solar heat collection system. This means an Active Roof® is unique in its ability to transfer free solar heat into the living space when wanted,and passively cools the building at night while it keeps it out in the summertime daytime - and it does this automatically.

It truly is the most modern, efficient, economical and Earth-friendly roofing system available anywhere. This ability to be a true solar collection system and a fully functioning roof makes Active Roof® the only truly Hybrid Roof® one can buy and the first roof that actually pays for itself in reduced energy costs. Money and energy is saved every day while one enjoys the benefits of the best roofing System on the market today.

Why do you call it the world's first hybrid roofing System ?

Hybrid is defined as "anything composed of elements of different kinds." That is exactly what Active Roof® is - a fully functioning, top-of-the-line metal roof and a fully functioning Solar Thermal Energy Collection System that has been combined in a single architectural element.

Why is Active Roof® better for the environment?

Not only better - Active Roof® is the best choice for protecting our environment:

  • Made of recycled materials, it is environmentally superior choice to asphalt composition shingles, which are made from petroleum products. It is also designed to last as long as the structure on which it is installed, eliminating water leaks and the cycle of expensive, messy roof replacement and the environmental impact of that routine on landfills.
  • The sophisticated Thermal Collection System and insulating properties of an Active Roof® also helps reduce stress on our earth by reducing fossil fuels usage year round. By supplementing conventional heating systems during heating season, the demand for such fuels is dramatically reduced. In warmer weather, an Active Roof® reduces heat transfer from the roof into a home or building, and at night it passively cools the building,thus reducing the loads on the air conditioning System. This reduced demand for electricity equates to a reduction in your electric bill as well as reducing the use of fossil fuels. Ultimately, the Active Roof® may even eliminate the need for air conditioning in some locations.
  • Active Roof® installations reduce the fossil fuel usage and carbon footprint of every home or building on which they are installed. No other roof material can boast such a statement. If environmental responsibility is your first priority, then Active Roof® has to be your first choice.

Can I get LEEDs points if I install an Active Roof®?

Yes, an Active Roof® can contribute to LEEDs points for most projects.

How much does an Active Roof® cost?

An Active Roof® may cost slightly more than a regular metal roof, yet "It Pays For Itself".

What makes it different from an "ordinary" roof?

An Active Roof® never needs to be replaced (unless damaged). It reduces heating and cooling costs year round for the life of the building, and it permanently reduces energy costs of a home or building. It is also the only roofing system you can choose that actually improves indoor air quality (IAQ).

How does it work?

The Active Roof® uses the large surface area of your roof to maximize collection of solar heat energy striking the roof surface. Our Exclusive Solanar finishes conduct that energy into the Active Roof® Air Containment Chamber where an Electronic Energy Management Control System circulates the heated air in the winter and the cool night air in the summer, where needed. In the winter, this free energy is used to heat the air inside the building to increase indoor comfort. In the summer, the Active Roof System insulates and reflects the sun's heat from the building, which reduces energy demand on the cooling system and saves you money. And at night, the passive cooling system cools the building.

How do I make the Active Roof® work?

You do not have to do anything. The Energy Management Control System is automatic, just like your HVAC system. Just set the thermostat. In cold weather, the system "comes on" as soon as it detects sufficient heat from the sun to your home. In warm weather, the system keeps the heat out. And during summer nights, the thermostate is set to cool the building.

Is the air that cycles through the Active Roof® clean?

It is more than clean. Active Roof Systems is the only roofing system on the market you can buy that not only pays for itself with direct energy savings, but also cleans the air in your living area. The Active Roof System features a sophisticated air purification technology that not only keeps the system clean, but also kills up to 99.9% of airborne bacteria, mold and viruses and reduces allergies, colds and other infections. Air cycled through the Active Roof® is cleaned constantly, ensuring the healthiest possible environment for the occupants.

How does an Active Roof® pay for itself?

By collecting, containing and distributing free heat in the winter and passively cools the buildign in the summer, an Active Roof System significantly reduces the money you will spend to heat and cool your home, office or building.

How much would I save over a "normal roof"?

Each Active Roof System is custom engineered for the individual application. The amount of money one can save is based on the type of the structure, geographical location of the building, and other factors. You can expect a real savings of 20% to 50% of the conventional energy use for most homes and buildings.

Does it need maintenance?

Next to none.

Are there any incentives or rebates available?

Yes. Depending on the location of the structure, there can be state, fedreral and local rebates and tax credits. Our dealers will be happy to itemize available rebates.

In what colors is the Active Roof® available?

Our exclusive Solanar color selection offers you beautiful choices of specifically formulated coatings designed to maximize energy collection and efficiently harvest up to 98% of available solar energy.

Color Choices: Solar Charcoal, Solar Black, Solar Gray, Solar Bronze, Solar Green, Solar Blue, Solar Brown, and Solar Red. Custom colors are also available.

What happens in the summer, when I do not want extra heat in my home?

An Active Roof System incorporates a super-efficient insulation and reflection system and a passive solar cooling system. Much like a thermos bottle keeps the coffee inside hot without burning your hands, the insulated Active Roof Systems controls the heat in a specially engineered Air Containment Chamber. This chamber thermally decouples the roof and reflects heat from the roof and the structure. In the summer time, it reduces energy demand for the building by dramatically reducing cooling loads. The Active Roof System is the only roof you can buy that is both a fully functioning solar heating system a Passive Solar Cooling System and a state-of-the art IAQ System and a lifetime roofing system.

Is it heavier than an ordinary roof?

It is lighter. An Active Roof® assembly typically weighs less than two pounds per square foot. Even the lightest asphalt roof weighs nearly two and half pounds per square foot, and concrete or clay roofs can weigh ten pounds or more per square foot. Less weight on your roof means a safer roof, especially in regions prone to earthquakes!

How is it made?

An Active Roof System is made of an engineered metal panel roofing system that is coated with our proprietary Solanar finishes and integrated with a patented and patent-pending Air Containment Chamber and a sophisticated yet simple Energy Management Control System.

What if it snows?

The Solanar heat-absorbing finishes of an Active Roof® will assist in melting accumulated snow more rapidly than other roofs. In areas where large snowfall amounts are common, optional electronic snowmelt systems can be incorporated inside an Active Roof® to help keep it clear for maximum heating efficiency in winter months. Otherwise, snow would have no more effect on an Active Roof®. An Active Roof® can be engineered to handle any snow loads.

Can it be damaged by regular wear and tear? Can it be "broken"?

Hail and other impacts can dent any metal roof. If you are in an area where hail or other damage can occur, we can use heaver gage materials so impacts won't damage the roof like other roofing materials.

Can I walk on it?

Yes. In fact, every Active Roof® is walked on as it is being installed. However, like all roofs, limiting foot traffic is always the best policy.

What about gutters and antennas, weather vanes, other solar panels, etc?

All accessories that would be used with any roof system can be used with an Active Roof®. Even stand-alone solar electric panels can be mounted to an Active Roof .

Does it cover my entire roof or just sections?

Active Roof Systems are architecturally transparent. This means that it does not appear any different from any normal metal roof from the outside. However, it is not mandatory to reroof the entire building with an Active Roof® and is accepted by most Home Owners Associations.

What if I need service?

Any trained roofing contractor can service an Active Roof®, and any trained HVAC contractor could service the Electronic Air Energy Management System .

Will any other expenses or energy bills increase?

No. The energy management system generally uses less energy than a 100-watt light bulb, so you can expect easily verifiable and significant reductions in your energy bill.

What about painting my house - does it matter?

An Active Roof® will not affect any other parts of the outside of your home, so normal painting and maintenance will not be affected.

Does it affect my existing attic insulation?

No. Attic insulation is a good thing to maximize in any home or building constructed with an attic. In fact, Active Roof Systems improves the performance of attic insulation by reducing heat conduction into your building in the cooling season.

Will it burn? What about fire safety?

The advanced metals that make the visible portion of an Active Roof Systems are non-combustible, and the entire Active Roof® assembly is Class "A" fire rated. The fully sealed system also prevents burning embers and sparks from penetrating the surface of the roof - unlike other roofs. Since the Active Roof® assembly is separate and decoupled from the wooden decking of the roof; it offers even more protection against forrest fires.

It is my pleasure to report only good news since the installation of your Active Roof System® at Camp Richardson Resort on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe ... We reduced our energy costs, year-round (propane and electricity) ...

Bob Hassett, President
Camp Richardson

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