Benefits of the Active Roof®

The Power of Solar Energy

Unlike conventional roofs that simply waste the sun's energy, Active Roof Technology® actually converts it to useful, free heating energy for your home or building. And reduces the burning of fossil fuels to heat and cool your building.

Eco-friendly and Economical

Your new Active Roof System™ becomes a way to reduce heating, cooling and energy costs - with no sacrifice in aesthetics or performance. This integrated patented and patent pending Solar Heat Collection System and Passive Cooling System is the most efficient, economical (PAYS BACK IN SOME CASES IN LESS THAN 3 YEARS) and eco-friendly roofing system on the planet. If environmental responsibility is your first priority, then Active Roof System™ has to be your first choice.

  • Reduces foreign dependence on oil, gas, propane, etc.
  • Saves money in the summer months by reducing cooling loads
  • Takes advantage of free heat in the winter
  • Improves indoor air quality (kills up to 99% of airborne bacteria, mold and viruses)
  • Brings in fresh outside air at little or no cost to heat)
  • Reduces the carbon footprint
  • Reduces need of fossil fuels
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Is made from recycled materials
  • Qualifies many LEED's points
  • Reduces "Heat Island Effect"
  • Is quiet, unobtrusive and accepted by home owner associations
  • Is the lightest weight roof on the market — a bonus for earthquake regions

It just Makes Good Sense

With the use of Federal and State tax incentives, and IRS accelerated depreciation for businesses, an Active Roof™ installation can be less expensive than a typical roof product. Furthermore, it actually pays for itself - over and over - for the life of the building.

  • Offers a three to five year payback or less
  • Reduces energy bills year round
  • Reduces cooling costs in the summer
  • Is Thermostat controlled
  • Improves the performance of attic insulation
  • Is fireproof class "A" fire rated
  • Has a roof life to 40+ years
  • Is rated for winds at 140+ (when required)
  • Has limited maintenance (filter replacement)
  • Is available in Standing Seam and other styles and a variety of colors

The roof that pays
for itself.

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